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How we help business owners to

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We Are Mergers & Acquisition specialists


Partnering with business owners to scale the valuation of the business to an exit event


The 2020's are the decade in which the baby boomers are set to retire which is why so many SME businesses are being bought and sold in contrast to the last 10 years.


Unfortunetly a vast number of businesses never achieve the owners expectations, the 2 biggest challenges for business owners is in how to correctly prepare the business for sale in order to achieve the desired exit valuation and how to attract the right buyer who will 'complete' the transaction.


The key to achieving the sale of a business is in presenting the business in a very specific way that requires the financials, operating processes and the sales engine that generates revenues in a way that gives the potential acquirer the confidence to see the acquisition as an exceptional value add to 'their' business.









A word about business brokers



While business brokers may seem like the obvious answer to this situation, they are often ineffective at achieving the end result because their focus is almost completely positioned on acquiring sellers to advertise on their platform.


For those with experiance of trying to sell their business via a broker, most will tell you that the valuation and promises made when selling their service to you is a far cry from the reality.


With our vast knowledge of buying, merging and selling businesses we know from experiance that the majority of businesses are sold direct to an acquirer, with only a small percentage sold via advertising on a brokers platfom.


This said there are a small number of brokers who are exceptionally good and who we partner with in order to add to our tactical strategy of selling specific types of businesses.