Andrew Hartshorn


Business investor & TGSS Specialist

(Turnaround Growth & Scale to Sale)


Andrew is a founding partner of Consortiat, an entrepreneur and business owner with over 35 years business experience.


Proven results in growing SME businesses enterprises.


Expertise in business turnaround, financial engineering and succession planning.


I acquire established businesses with a focus on helping owners with practical retirement and succession planning solutions.







Accelerating growth in the SME arena



Typically, I invest in companies with a revenue of £1m-10m that are either trading profitably or would benefit from a business turnaround or restructuring program. I also help business owners to grow their business in advance of an exit to maximise value for their retirement.

I focus on process and operations within the business which may include the following:

* Implementing systems and processes to increase operational efficiency.
* Implementing a marketing strategy that can be measured.
* Tax efficient business structures.
* Cash Flow planning and improvement.
* Strategic Mergers and Acquisitions.


If I'm not the right fit, chances are I know someone who will be, which is why it's always worth a conversation..


Please contact me :-

+44 07834 411 985 -