Learn how to increase the valuation and saleability of your company






Thinking of selling your business within the next 18-48 months?


It may be a bigger challenge than you think!!



The dynamics of selling a business are completely different than those of selling a company's products or services and requires a much more sophisticated set of strategies to achieve the most profitable outcome. 


Unfortunately, most business owners approach the sale of their business without an advanced robust structured plan and because of this they fail to achieve a successful exit to an acquirer in the timescale they want, or at a valuation that is viable to both them and the acquirer.


If you are to realise the best possible outcome when the time comes to selling your business, it’s crucial that you do your research of what elements need to be put in place in order to make the process as painless, profitable and timely as possible.






A game changing day in your business life!!


As specialists in the SME Mergers & Acquisitions space, we know first hand that most business owners never achieve the exit valuation they thought they would achieve.


This is not only hugely disappointing to the business owner, it's also frustrating for us and any acquiring buyer when trying to educate a business owner as to what they should have done over the last few years to make their business worth the valuation they want today.


This is why we run these Training days for business owners who want to learn how it really works i.e. what must be put in place to achieve the best possible outcome and when...


You will learn Why most SME's:


  • Do not achieve the valuation they want.
  • Why traditional brokers are NOT the solution.
  • Why selling you business can take years to find a buyer.


We will also share with you


  1. The real valuation of your business today
  2. How to dramatically increase the valuation
  3. What to do to make your business saleable
  4. What your options really are.
  5. Who the real buyer of your business is









Meet Real Buyers of businesses


As M&A specialists our core focus is in Buying, Merging and Selling companies which is why we are able to give you a greater insight into how saleable your business really is and exactly what must be done to achieve the best possible exit sale of your business.


We will teach you the exact process and methods we utilise to rapidly increase the sales revenues, profit and saleability of your business.


Learn How To


    • Prepare your business for sale
    • Increase it's valuation
    • Step back from being hands on
    • Plan for retirement or Succession
    • Protect your legacy

The next Consortiat Training is on the


  • 12th July 2024
  • The Hilton Garden Inn, Luton, Bedfordshire.


Please contact your local Consortiat Partner for more information.


If after learning what is really involved in making a business sale ready you decide you simply want to sell your business now at it's current value, we will make you an offer on the day and can complete within 45-60 days.