Meet Daniel Creanga

A seasoned business Turnaround specialist


A TGSS specialist (Turnaround, Grow and Scale to Sale)

with a wealth of knowledge and experience in solving the challenges that businesses have by spending his time investing in companies who are looking to turn their business around and build towards a high valuation exit. 


Daniel is a highly focused and tenacious professional who is genuinely driven when it comes to finding positive solutions to any business challenge, resilient to stress and eager to succeed, not by competition or recognition but the achievement of having overcome the challenge at hand.


Engaging, forward-thinking, and adaptable, Daniel is an innovative out-of-the-box thinker, solving painful business problems and ensuring business owners achieve their desired outcomes. 


With a strong background in the private facilities management sector, Daniel knows exactly how to keep a cool head in even the most challenging situations.


If you're looking to transform your company and achieve your exit goals, Daniel is the man to speak too. 


Please contact me :-

+44 07900 997 416