Business investor & TGSS Specialist

(Turnaround Growth & Scale to Sale)


Deepak is a serial entrepreneur having built multiple businesses over his career and mentored hundreds of business owners to start and build their own lucrative business.


Originally from Asia, Deepak moved to the US in the 1990’s building his businesses on one central theme, networking with intent...


Based in Silicon Valley Deepak has developed a vast network of connections across the IT and software development sectors supplying blue chip organisations with in house and outsourced expertise through the CWW Group LLC.











Accelerating growth in SME Sector 



Typically, I invest in companies with a revenue of £1m-10m that are either trading profitably or would benefit from a business turnaround or restructuring program.


I also help business owners to grow their business in advance of an exit to maximise the asset value for their retirement.

I focus on bringing together multiple organisations in what is called a roll-up or Agglomeration process to significantly increase the multiple of net profit that an individual business is worth:


If I'm not the right fit, chances are I know someone who will be, which is why it's always worth a conversation..


Please contact me :-

+1 408 438 1246-