TGSS Specialist & Investor 

(Turnaround Growth & Scale to Sale)


Gavin is a private investor, with 25 years in 3 specific areas property, business and investing.


He was at the forefront of the mobile internet revolution in the early 2000s, going on to lead several AI tech start-ups across the UK, Europe and the Middle East. He has also invested extensively in the property market.


Gavin understands what it takes to set up a business from scratch, scale it and plan for a successful exit.


Having lived across Europe and in Dubai, Gavin returned to the UK and began investing into businesses across multiple sectors, before moving into the M&A space.


His time is now spent working with business owners who are planning their exit, or looking for a strategic partner to accelerate growth and scale their company.






Finding your way through


It’s hard to remember a more turbulent time in business, where even financially viable companies are under economic pressure, like never before. 


It’s important to remember that every business owner has ways to improve their circumstances, even if it’s not immediately obvious to them.


As a business investor, my focus is always on how to increase the fortunes of a business, either as part of a turnaround - or a growth and scale strategy, with an exit in mind.


Believe it or not, there are only so many problems a business is likely to face… I’ve heard most of them and I know how to fix nearly all of them!


If you’re a business owner thinking of selling your company at any point over the next few years and want to maximise your valuation - or are looking for help with where you are right now - then let’s start with an informal conversation.


Nothing ventured, nothing gained…





Achieve the best outcome


Many entrepreneurs and business owners only consider how they will exit their business at the last minute. Or they have an idea about when they will exit, but never really have a strategy for achieving that goal. I see this all the time.


In most cases, that means that owners simply drift past the time when they originally thought they’d have exited. In other cases, the business hasn’t been optimised for an exit and therefore, money has been left on the table, whenever the business is eventually sold.


If this sounds familiar, then you can contact me directly.


Finding the right person who can help you achieve the best possible outcome is absolutely critical, IF you want to obtain the maximum return from all of your years of hard work.



Contact details for Gavin    


WhatsApp +44 207 101 4090