John Kettley


Founder of Consortiat


John is a grass roots entrepreneur having spent his entire career starting building and selling SME businesses across the last 4 decades.


He understands what it is to boot strap a business from humble beginings and build out every department of a successful business from scratch.


Following an early retirement in 2006, John fell into turning companies around during and following the recession of 2008, before moving into the M&A space in 2018, investing in and working with business owners who were and are ready to plan their exit, whether it's to pursue a new direction or to retire. 







Every situation can be turned around


These last few years have been tough for most businesses, but that doesn't mean your options are limited


Regardless of how financially tough it may have been, there is always a way to turn things around.


As a business turnaround specialist and investor I've learned to see what most business owners struggle to see, often this is because they are simply too close to their business to appreciate the resources they actually have.


It may be that you're looking for an investor to help you turn a corner, overcome a financial challenge or simply help you to build it to sell at a certain figure; regardless of what you may need a business investor for, I'm always open for a conversation to explore possibilities...


If I'm not the right fit, chances are I know someone who will be, which is why it's always worth a conversation..






There comes a time...


In every business owners journey, when you take stock of exactly where you are in your business life, and begin thinking about when and how you are going to exit the business you've spent years building.


Having sold many businesses over the years I've been through the process enough times to know it's not as easy as most believe, especially if the business has not been growing over the past few years!!


If you are to maximise your business asset it's time to think about getting in some help from someone who has genuinely been where you want to go..



It's later than you think, Please call me today,

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