Investor & TGSS Specialist

(Turnaround Growth & Scale to Sale)


Keith is a Marketing and Business Development veteran, having spent the last 30 years honing his skills in a variety of different businesses, from SME's all the way up to large corporates


Starting at the very bottom but subsequently achieving board level roles, he's been exposed to business start-ups, struggling businesses, super successful enterprises and all in between


He's also helped implement simple yet highly effective systems, that allow businesses to grow, consistently and predictably


He’s been blessed to be privy to many Mergers & Acquisitions, as well as the negotiations that are required to get the best outcome for all parties


He now spends all his time investing in companies, or consulting as a TGSS specialist (Turnaround, Grow and Scale to Sale), ensuring business owners achieve their desired goals







No matter how bad it gets, there's always a solution


Since the start of the pandemic, many businesses have found the going tough, especially those business owners are feeling trapped by working ‘in’ their business, rather than on it, they often can't see the wood for the trees


That's where I can add a significant amount of value to you and your business


Taking a 10,000 foot birds eye view, and by using a variety of proven turnaround and growth strategies, in addition to some really smart financial engineering, I can unlock hidden potential and totally transform almost any situation


Whether you're struggling (possibly even trading insolvent), looking to grow and stay in the business or maybe even scale to sale (exit) and enjoy a great payday, I'm certain I can help


I'd love to have a chat, to at least explore opportunities and if for any reason I can't help, given my fantastic network, I'm sure I know someone who can!





It's time to take stock of your situation...


Every business owner starts their venture with a certain goal but sadly, somewhere along the way, things happen and most often take a totally different direction to the one they intended


But it's never too late to get back on track, re-evaluate what you now want (as it often changes over time), find the right path again, and put in the relevant plan to get you there


So regardless of what you want and when you want it, I'm totally confident that I can make it happen


Your business should be a really valuable asset and ultimately, provide you with everything you ever want.  So if that's not your current reality, let's chat and see if we can turn things around



Tel : 07552 514 014