Investor & TGSS Specialist

(Turnaround Growth & Scale to Sale)


I have been a business owner since 1995 having successfully launched, purchased, and scaled several businesses from zero to seven figures. During these years I have experienced almost every financial cycle that directly affects business and through these experiences I have my own encyclopaedia of valuable business lessons which I now use to assist others.


Today, I optimise my skills by working with, invest in or buying businesses where owners have hit the wall and are looking for options for their business. I use tried and tested methods to aid business owners who are seeking assistance to turn around a failing enterprise, by preparing a business to sell or by buying from an owner who just want to exit and move on.


My mantra is, experience cannot be taught so engage with seasoned professionals who take a wide-angle high-level view to assess and negotiate the best outcome for all parties.


The best end goal is always a win, win...







Work hard but don't miss out


From an early age I have worked hard, hardly ever missing a day, an attribute gained from my own loving mum who had three jobs just to provide us four kids with all we desired on birthdays and Christmas.


At times I have sacrificed valuable family time in a pursuit of business success, but always made up for it when I did get free time with quality family time.


These tough times taught me to work hard and play harder thus balancing out the demands of a busy life. I relish the time with my family and still holiday with my partner and mother of my two fantastic children (now 30 & 27) and a group of friends I met at junior school over 50 years ago.


Today I provide my knowledge and first-hand business experience aiming to prevent and help business owners not miss out on their own family quality time and minimise what can be at times a stressful, demanding, and lonely existence.


If I emphasise one thing to business owners its ‘always listen to advice’ then evaluate, if it fits with your own narrative, then engage.


It’s good to talk and you now have my number.







Work with me to pursue your goals


Today I like to work with any type of businesses where I can add value and mitigate risk for a business owner.

I only invest in companies where I can optimise my proven skills to add significant value to a business.


If you are thinking of selling your business just contact me and I can talk through the options. If you like what we have to offer we can move forward, agree on a define action and value for the business, transact the deal and deliver you an exit path.


I am keen to speak with well-run business owners that have a second-tier management in place or are looking for investment in a distressed/unwanted company, contact me and let me resolve your business headache.


I will consider all companies where I can see potential synergies within our networks forward vision, preferably £750K-£10M revenue.


So, if you fall into any of the below categories:-


 -)  Existing profitable companies

 -)  Distressed companies or unwanted companies

 -)  Retiring SME business owners wishing to exit a business

 -)  Or you just need to talk


Please contact me on

Tel : +44 7970 264 457