TGSS Specialist & Investor 

(Turnaround Growth & Scale to Sale)


Nick is a Global Investor and Business Expert having started businesses from nothing in the UK, Eire, Philippines, Spain and Portugal. With Business Management, Sales, Marketing Operational expertise he has the business skills l that allowed him to make the transition from entrepreneur to investor.


Having started in the Music Business looking after business interests of successful recording artists, moving to Financial Services to Starting his own Commercial Finance company, international Real Estate business and Immigration and 2nd Passport company puts Nick in a unique position to help business owners all over the world.


One of Nick’s major skill sets honed over many years is adding Value and helping to add growth and profits to businesses who have previously being under performed.


One example of this would be taking two different International Spanish Real Estate Companies from selling one property in a year (recession) to 5 to10 a month within a 3-month period.


Nick since moving to Mergers and Acquisitions has through his companies taken shareholding positions and ownership of Healthcare, Construction, Real Estate and Immigration companies. Using the skillset, he has gained over the years.


Nick now spends all his time investing in or acquiring companies, or consulting as a TGSS specialist (Turnaround, Grow and Scale to Sale), ensuring business owners achieve their desired goals






How you buy an asset is more important than how youpat for it!


Having worked and run businesses in Asia and all over Europe from small start ups to Million Dollar turnover companies Nick has had the pleasure to work with the very best professionals including Cross Border Tax Advisors, Accountants, Lawyers, Estate Planners and Tax Lawyers thus learning the very important lesson that what you pay for an asset is not as important as how you pay for it.


This is important in structuring all types of deals from real estate transaction to the acquisition of a construction company. For example, if you were form Hong Kong buying a buy to let property in London you should nearly always buy through an SPV but if you were buying a lifestyle property in Spain it would likely be best to buy in your personal name.


When looking to buy and sell companies Tax is very important and in essence it is important that you think about your exit strategy at entry and not once you own the assets This is why Deal Structures are one of the real strengths Nick brings to the table. A good example of this would be where a seller paid 10% tax but if they had listed to their own advisors would have paid 46%.


Tax is also very important when you come to plan your exit from a business and putting the right structures in place before the sale is very important. You might even want to consider being a resident in more favorable tax Jurisdiction at the time the sale of your business completes. Tax, Planning and Deal Structures are vital to protecting your wealth.


Nick would more than welcome the opportunity to sit down with you and help you plan and explore the different options for your business whether it’s a complete sale or business growth your sure to find the very best solution.





Time to make it count...


Now is the time to take stock, review your business and take action steps that will help you fix, grow or sell your business in the most tax efficient manner possible. Nick can be your new set of eyes and ears that may offer a fresh approach to see the future more clearly and help you achieve your goals


As a business turnaround specialist and investor Nick has learned to see what most business owners don’t see, often this is because they are simply too close to their business to appreciate the resources, they actually have available to them. Whereas somebody with a longer time planning horizon can see things that other people cannot see.


If you’re looking to turn your business around, grow your business or exit your business Nick can come up with the best solutions and deal structures to help you achieve what you need and make your future count. Make sure you arrive at your chosen destination in the best way possible by getting the best professional advice available



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