Entrepreneur, Business investor & TGSS Specialist

(Turnaround Growth & Scale to Sale)


Nicole has overseen the hiring of 450+ and leadership of 350+ talented individuals over her career.


She is a proven entrepreneur who actually gets things done.


As both a franchisee and franchisor, Nicole took unsuccessful areas and turned them into the most profitable and highest performing.


As Partner in a small business advising firm, she played a key role in the company's five-year sprint to scale from $200k to $10M, earning multiple placements on the Inc 5000.


During this time Nicole worked on the 'build out' of five different departments to support the scale including operations, recruiting and training requiring a broad scope of knowledge and flexibility. 









How do you capitalize on the blood sweat and tears you've invested in your business?



Your business is your baby. Warts and all.

I help owners to exit, whether that is today, or in the future.


Selling a business is a business in itself!

90% of Businesses Listed Never Sell.

We make sure you are part of the 10%

This could be acquiring it myself, investing in your business to turnaround/scale "pretty it up" and make it ready to sell (Warning: Side effects include falling in love with your business again)




You don't need to do this alone...


You may or may not know what you want right now; however it is fair to say that it's something else if you are reading this. 

If you have an established business with some semblance of a management team in place, let's chat. 

Looking for companies over $1 million in revenue and past seed/series raising. 



Let's Chat!

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