Entrepreneur, Business investor & TGSE Specialist

(Turnaround Growth & Scale to Exit)


I knew from a young age that my future was always going to be in a business environment. My first few adult years I spent in sales improving my skills whilst learning how to run a business and a team of sales people. 


After a few years, I decided to move to UK to seek greater opportunities. As a career choice, I decided to pursue accounting and finance career and developed my skills and knowledge by completing AAT and BSc Accounting and Finance degree. 


Throughout the last 12 years, I have founded and run a couple of companies in education sector, one being Private English Class Ltd, a specialist training provider delivering Functional Skills English & Maths courses across England, the second one being Global Education Consulting Ltd, a consultancy providing other training providers and colleges with skills and expertise I have gained within the sector. 









Where focus goes energy flows...



As a side project, I have established Scale Up Outsourcing Ltd, a boutique VA Outsourcing agency, where we offer a tailor-made outsourcing/subcontracting staffing solutions to a selected number of clients within SME.

My accounting and finance skills, knowledge and experience gained whilst working for Multi-academy-trusts have led me to further develop my skills in M&A space. I have become a Turnaround, Growth and Exit specialist with an extensive network of business growth experts and business investors. 


In the current days, my interest has turned into companies within education sector with owners who:


  • Want to sell their business now or in a foreseeable future


  • Want to grow their business organically or through acquisitions


  • Want to increase the value of their business by financial and operational restructuring


If you are exploring one of the above, please feel free to get in touch. 


Sam Petko - director@privateenglishclass.co.uk