Protect your legacy

Helping business owners

unlock the wealth within their business



Protect your legacy


If you are a business owner excited about the future of your business but ready to realise some of the value you have created, we can help.


Our preferred model is a shareholder recapitalization to acquire 60-80% of your business for cash on closing a deal, and with you retaining 20-40% equity.


This provides us with your expertise to either continue to manage the business or, if you prefer, help us supervise new management from your position on the board




Protecting the team


At the core of every successful business are the team who have helped to build the business to where it is today which is why we believe the best way to grow a sustainable business is by building on the experiance and knowledge of the existing team.


We create lasting partnerships across all our businesses and provide smart solutions to add long term value and wealth for both shareholders and SME owners.



Above all our primary purpose
Is to help business owners unlock the wealth from within their companies.