Meet Thomas Emerald White

A seasoned business Turnaround specialist


While working for companies like Dow Jones Telerate, Deutsche Bank, ICL, and Forcepoint, Thomas has developed a wealth of experience in planning, project management, design, mentoring and leadership.

His military training as a tank platoon commander taught him how to make choices, take decisions and lead others to make them happen.  

Thomas has a system approach when working with businesses. He always starts from the 20% in different company areas, which make up 80% of the results. Then he methodically focuses on growing and multiplying these most valuable workflows, products, sales techniques and others to deliver fast and sustainable growth.  

Thomas is a powerhouse for ideas and know-how and knows how to lead and follow through.

It is common to meet business owners who dream of exiting their businesses whenever and however they want. However, this is not the case most of the time. Unrealistic expectations and a lack of knowledge about exiting a business can delay the exit. Sometimes, sadly, it never takes place at all.

Typically, businesses working with Thomas double their value within two years, depending on the size, type and sector.

If you’re thinking of selling your company in the next 24 to 36 months and you want to explore what is ahead or like to share some of your challenges, contact Thomas for a no-obligation introduction:


Please contact me :-

+44 07868 777 749